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On the morning of Saturday 27th October 2018, Tony Rider’s body was found floating in the River Anker in Tamworth. Tony Rider was from the nearby town of Nuneaton and was charged with the Murder of Janet Hargreaves in 2015. He stood trial for this crime in 2015 and after just 2 days in court was found ‘Not Guilty’ by the jury and subsequently acquitted. Tony Rider, a recluse with a number of mental and physical health problems has been the victim of the ostracisation by the local community.

He was found dead by Staffordshire Police in the early hours of Saturday 27th October 2018 after they were alerted to the body by a local taxi driver. After a thorough investigation all evidence points towards Jack Hargreaves the son of Janet Hargreaves… But did he do it? You will be asked to consider the outcome of this trial over 6 parts before being given 24 hours to deliberate the evidence and deliver your verdict. Live in our seventh broadcast the verdict from this nationwide experiment will be broadcast where you will decide the outcome. Innocent or guilty? You decide…

To take part and have your say, sign up to unlock the online channel and all 7 episodes that make up the experiment.

9.00pm Tuesday 23rd June 2020
9.00pm Thursday 25th June 2020
9.00pm Tuesday 30th June 2020
9.00pm Thursday 2nd July 2020
9.00pm Tuesday 7th July 2020
9.00pm Thursday 9th July 2020

In a world’s first, we will poll the viewing audience and broadcast the verdict live on Friday 10th July at 9:00pm.

Make your vote count.

Once registered you will find copies of the all the evidence presented in the case, have access to watch the episodes as they air and be provided with the opportunity to vote and take part in the LIVE national verdict.

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